July 13th, 2020

Boxing gloves are an important aspect of boxing.

Boxing was at it origin a method to settle disputes between either two people or two groups of people.  When a conflict occurred each side would pick their fighter or champion as they were also referred to.  The goal was to settle the dispute between two people versus a mob fight.  Whoever’s side that won also won the dispute.  There are records of land claims being settled this way between Irish and Italian immigrants.

In most cases the fight was held in a public place so people could view the outcome and not challenge it at a latter date.

In these matches the fighters fought barehanded or as the familiar term “bare knuckle fighting” implies with no gloves.

Over the course of many decades there were an alarming number of deaths attributed to bare knuckle brawling.

It was not until 1867 that an official set of rules was drawn up for boxing.  James Chambers developed the new rules in order to make boxing a gentleman’s sport.  As with most sports the rich wanted to control boxing.  In an ironic twist of fate boxing was one of the few sports where the common working man could excel.  Due to the long hours of labor the average working man did daily, they were very tough and in great shape.

The first sets of set of rules developed by Chambers were called the Queensberry rules.  The Q rules as they became know called for an organized timed bout held within a twenty four foot ring.

The boxing glove was still just a piece of leather with a small amount of padding that covered the hands.

Over the years boxing gloves have been developed for the amateur ranks, Olympic competitions and of course professional boxing.

Currently professional boxers’ gloves must weigh between eight to twelve ounces.  The Boxing glove has evolved thereby lessening injuries to boxers.  This has helped greatly with the growth in popularity of the “sweet science”.

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