July 13th, 2020

Essential boxing equipment for every kind of boxer.

When you hear the term boxing what do you visualize?  In my mind I see two people inside a ring trying to knock each other out.  Boxing is so much more then just that.

Called the “Sweet Science” by experts boxing has a long and prestigious history.

The first official set of rules for boxing was developed by a gentleman named James Chambers.  In 186 Chambers developed a set of rules for boxing called the Queensbury rules.

The Queensberry rules described how a boxing match was to be run, the length of the rounds and the type of boxing equipment allowed.

The following are some of the important pieces of boxing equipment today.

The Ring. A boxing ring must be twenty-four feet in size and have ropes surrounding it.  The ropes were first put up for the protection of the fighters and the fans.  In the old days of boxing it was not uncommon for the fans to drink alcohol heavily at boxing matches.  (This is still the case in some respects today)  When a fan got enough “courage/liquor” in them many would jump into the ring to challenge one of the boxers.  In the end the ropes are designed to keep the boxer in and the fans out.

Boxing gloves.  The boxing glove has evolved from a simple piece of leather covering the hand to a protective devise for both fighters.  Today professional fighters use gloves that weight between eight to twelve ounces each.  The advent of the glove was important because they helped to reduce the number of deaths from boxing.  This in turn helped to increase the overall popularity of boxing greatly.

Mouthpiece.  This is a rubber or plastic pieces which the boxer clenches in their mouth.  The mouth piece helps to avoid biting ones tongue off or loosing teeth when boxing.

Boxing is a worldwide sport and the popularity continues to grow.  If you want an exciting evening go see a live fight.  Just make sure you stay out of the ring.

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