July 13th, 2020

Learn the rules and regulations of professional and college basketball.

The rules for College basketball and professional basketball are similar.  The major differences are in distance to the hoop.  For instance a NBA three point shot is a farther distance then the College three pointers.

The rules for professional basketball are numerous the following are a few examples.

The ball:
Did you know that a basketball must be inflated to between seven and eight pounds of pressure to be legal?

The basket:
The height of a regulation NBA basketball hoop is ten feet.  The backboard is to be made of a transparent material and the rim of the basket is to be painted orange. On the back of the backboard there is to be a red light that should be visible to the players, coaches and referees. This light is used to signify the end of a playing period.

Each basketball team will have five players.  If a players is hurt or fouls out a substitute will be used.  A player can only get five personal fouls. Once a player receives their sixth personal foul they are removed from the game.  If the team winds up with less then five players due to fouls, the last person removed will come back into the game.
Each team has to designate a Captain.  The Captain is the only player who can ask for a clarification from the officials.  Many new players make the mistake of questioning the officials and ends up getting a technical foul or worse ejected from the game.

Safety has been a growing concern for the National Basketball Association. Due to recent violence between players and fans you can be sure the rules for basketball will only increase. There has even been discussion of having a plastic partition to separate the Fans and players.  Enjoy the game but both Fans and Players need to follow the rules.

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