July 13th, 2020

Techniques to focus on during basketball drills.

Basketball is one the ultimate team sports. To prepare for a game a team will practice basketball drills till they become second nature. One drill you can do on your own is the one hundred shot free throw drill. As the name suggests the goal is to shoot one hundred free throws per drill. Larry Bird was well known for shooting over five hundred free throws every day. The drills help develop the “mind memory” which is built by sheer repetition.

Basketball drills are built are the key components of the game.

Shooting and scoring. One of the oldest shooting drills is also a game. Horse is a drill where each player starts at the free throw line (or corners) and shoots the ball till they make a basket. Horse is designed to teach players to shoot from different distances from the basket. Another shooting drill is called Bulls eye. In Bulls eye you tape a piece of white tape to the front center of the rime. Each player is to focus on the tape and shoot from various positions on the court. The goal of this drill is to increase accuracy from different distances and depth perception.

Defense. The classic drill for defense is the Two on one drill. In this drill the defensemen is to guard the basket from two opponents. The logic is that if you can stop two people during the drill you should be able to stop one during the game. This drill is designed to increase hand eye coordination and instill an aggressive defensive mentality in the player.

Whatever drill it is you are doing always focus on proper technique. One example in years gone by was when Larry Bird would practice free throws with a blindfold on. This forced his body to repeat the same shooting form and also helped Larry be able to visualize shots better. And we all know what he did with that ability. Practice your basketball drills and you are sure to improve. Just make sure as with all sports you warm up first.

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