July 13th, 2020

Find over five hundred different brands or wrestling shoes.

The history of wrestling dates all the way back to the first Olympics in Greece. Wrestling has been a favorite sport of fans for just as long. The goal behind the first wrestling matches was very basic. Two men would face each other and they would wrestle until one man either quit or was unable to continue. In these very early matches the participants did not wear any types of wrestling shoe. In most cases the men wore nothing more then a basic wrap, which covered their private areas.

As the centuries passed and the sport of wrestling developed there became a need for a uniform or gear as they call it today.

The first uniforms were basic shorts, which had an elastic quality to them. These wrestling “tights” were very snug yet still allowed for free range of motion. The ability for a wrestler to move quickly was imperative to winning the match.

The first wrestling shoes were simple designs made of leather and either sewn together or tied closed using leather strips. One major disadvantage of this early design was durability, the leather would harden and them rot when exposed to water repeatedly. In addition when the leather soles of the wrestling shoe got wet they would become very slippery. This is something a wrestler does not want.

The first rubber soled wrestling shoes were nothing more then a sneaker. The wrestlers can thank Charles Goodyear for his invention which Vulcanized rubber. Prior to Goodyear there had been no efficient way to create a long lasting Wrestling shoe or tire for that matter.

In the mid 1950’ the growth of professional wrestling help spur on the development of the wrestling shoe. Wrestlers were now becoming entertainers and they demanded a wrestling shoe that not only worked well but also looked good.

Today you can buy over five hundred different brands or wrestling shoes, prices range from thirty dollars to over three hundred dollars a pair.

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