July 13th, 2020

Comfortable tennis shoes of different styles offered in your size.

Tennis shoes we originally created from the basic design for the sneaker. When selecting a tennis shoe there are a number of key factors to consider.

What type of surface you will be playing on. There are three common surfaces you can play on, clay, grass, and the traditional concrete court. Each surface has different shoe requirements for the professional player.

If you are playing on a clay or grass surface you want to have additional traction on the sole of your shoe. This is usually accomplished by the use of small studs or spikes. You want to be able to pivot rapidly without your foot getting stuck. If you are playing on concrete it is ok to use a standard tennis shoe or high quality sneakers.

Your foot size. As simple as it sounds, many people size their tennis shoes incorrectly. It is best to measure your foot size towards the end of the day when they are swollen a bit. Tennis is very tough on the feet so you must make sure you shoe is properly fitted.

When buying your tennis shoes try to go to a store with a wide selection and inventory. You will be more likely to find something that fits you well, feels good on your feet and actually looks good.

When sizing your feet insert your foot into the tennis shoes and feel where your toes end in the shoe. A good rule of thumb is to allow an additional half inch beyond your toes to allow for swelling. When ever you use your tennis shoes be sure to use some foot powder and have a clean pair of socks for after your match. You feet will thank you and your play will improve long term. Have fun playing tennis and make sure you always warm up before your match.

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