July 13th, 2020

Essential baseball equipment for amateur and professional baseball players.

Baseball is one of the world’s favorite sports. The average players salary is higher then any other sport. What makes this game so exciting to fans? Some people would question baseball being exciting at all.

Lets take a look at the basic equipment a baseball player uses.

A Glove. Gloves are made out of leather and design to help the player catch the ball and avoid hurting their hand. Gloves started out as being very simple pieces of leather, which slipped over the players’ hand. Gloves evolved over the years the first significant change was including a separate sown area for the fingers. This allowed a player to catch and then hold onto the ball much easier then earlier versions. Improvements in materials used and durability of gloves followed shortly. Today gloves are nearly works of art with triple reinforced stitching and pricing ranging from thirty dollars to over five hundred.
Rawlings and Easton are some of the better know glove manufactures.

Bats. The first bats were made of wood usually carved from a branch of a local tree. As interest in baseball increased the bat became standardized. There are still different bat weights for different age groups such as pee wee and little league however within these groups there are standards for bats that can be used. The major leagues scrutinize bats very carefully and very recently a number of players have been accused of using illegal bats.
Louisville Slugger and Wilson are two of the better-known bat manufactures.

The ball. The ball certainly has progressed since Abner Doubleday first used one. Initially baseballs were very basic cork wrapped by string. As the ball was hit more and more the string would become unwound. This problem was the reason for the addition of leather covering, which was then stitched so it would not come off. The baseball has progressed to what we use today a durable and long lasting ball you can hit out of the park hundreds of times before having to replace it.

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