July 13th, 2020

Tennis raquets of all shapes and sizes.

The history of Tennis is filled with controversy. The game of tennis originated in monasteries in Italy in the eleventh century. The game was originally played with bare hands and a stuffed ball. Many people confuse the origins of tennis and the racket with handball. Although the two games were similar they were actually separate games.

The game of tennis continued to grow at such a rate that the Pope forbids the monks to play the game anymore. The Popes logic was that the game was taking the Monks away from there spiritual duties.

As the Monks traveled they took the game with them and taught new people how to play. In approximately the fourteenth century a player came up with the idea of designing a webbed glove with strings connected to the tip of the fingers and the palm.

It was not too much longer till another player transferred the strings to a wooden framed racket.

Throughout the sixteenth and seventeen centuries the growth in tennis in Europe was massive. Over two thousand tennis courts were built in that timeframe. One of the downsides of tennis at the time was it was an expensive sports to participate in. Even the basic tennis racquets could cost a person up to three months wages.

Over the next two hundred years the tennis racquet continued to progress both in design and usability. The sport came to the United States in the eighteen hundreds and has continued to grow since that time.

A tennis racquet today can cost anywhere between thirty dollars to four to five hundred for a specially fit racquet. When looking for a racquet find a brand name to start out with this will help insure you get a long lasting racquet.

It is also advisable to have your racquet fitted for your body size. This is something your local tennis shop should be able to help you with at no cost.

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