July 13th, 2020

Find the best tennis apparel for all your tennis needs.

With the rise of the Williams’ sister popularity in tennis the buzz about tennis apparel has grown greatly. The days of plain shorts and a white shirt for the men has also ended.

Today tennis stars wear brightly colored clothing and shoes. Venus William has shocked the tennis world by designing her own line of tennis clothing. Many in the tennis community were shocked to see her designs because the designs themselves were very revealing.

At the 2004 Australian open Venus wore a shocking blue tube top based outfit which stunned the crowd. He competition was dressed in the traditional white skirt and white shirt. This contrast made the Williams outfit even more noticeable. At a point it the match fans started to boo Williams because she “bouncing” all over. Venus took the boos in stride and won the match.

As competition between players increase and the endorsement money continues to grow you can be assured of unique tennis apparel.

Venus Williams recently signed a forty million dollar apparel deal with Reebok. Venus will help design a new line of tennis apparel while attending college in Florida.

The future for tennis apparel is bright literally, expect to see more colorful and in some cases reveling tennis apparel to show up at the major tournaments.

Currently Nike is one of the largest tennis apparel companies in the world. Nike is also cross marketing with other tennis professionals to help boost their sale of tennis related items. The days of the plain white skirt or shorts with a bland white shirt are over. Each year expect the styles to get brighter and racier. That is if Venus has anything to say about it. Enjoy your tennis matches and go for comfort above all else. Look for non restrictive clothing that fits you well and allows full movement. Tennis anyone?

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