July 13th, 2020

Get sports nutrition services and products from a sports nutrition specialist.

When you think about sports nutrition what comes to your mind? I imagine a long line of bottles filled with powders and pills. Sports nutrition is much more then that. Currently Sports nutrition is over a one billion dollar industry per year in North America.

What types of services or products would you receive from a sports nutrition specialist?

The first thing a good Sports nutritionist will check is your eating habits and diet. It is estimated that at least sixty percent of your physical performance will be based on your diet and proper nutrition intake. A trained sports nutritionist will be able to help you set up meal plans based on your calorie requirements and your current body fat percentage.

The second thing you will look at is vitamin and mineral intake. If you are not getting all the nutrients from your food hey must be supplemented with daily vitamins and minerals. Your body is like a modern car it prefers High-test gasoline versus regular.

The third thing you and your nutritionist will examine is your water intake. Our bodies are made up of over seventy percent water. If you have too little water it is called being dehydrated. As an athlete you must be very aware of how much you are sweating to maintain peak performance. If you become dehydrated your performance will suffer and you can potential cause damage to your organs and brain. Recently over hydration has been discussed also. Over hydration is when you rapidly intake more water then your body can use. This can be almost as dangerous and dehydration so only take in what you sweat out.

Sports nutrition is a balance of diet, vitamins and minerals and water intake. If you achieve the correct balance your body will function at full capacity. Check with your school or sports team and see if they have a sports nutritionist, they should be able to help you achieve peak performance.

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