July 13th, 2020

Soccer rules and regulations you should remember.

It is generally agreed Soccer was first formed in England in the eighteen hundred.  The first sets of rules are referred to as the Cambridge rules.

In approximately 1862 a group was formed called the English Football Association.  The following year the group adopted the Cambridge rules as a guideline for their organization.

The following are some of the key rules of Soccer.

Size of the field.  The Soccer field can be a minimum of one hundred yards long and a maximum of one hundred and thirty yards long.  The width of the field must be at least seventy yards wide with a maximum allowable width of eighty yards.

Size of the ball.  The circumference of the ball must be between twenty seven and twenty eight inches.  The weight of the ball must fall between fourteen and sixteen ounces.

Number of players.  Each team will have a maximum of eleven players including the goalie.  A game can not be played with less then seven players on each side.

Equipment for the players.  No player is allowed to wear any jewelry while engaged in the game.  The standard uniform will include a jersey, shorts, socks, and footgear and shin guards.  The shin guards should be covered at all times by the socks.

The job of the Referee the Referee will maintain order within the game.  They will also be the official time keeper and can also keep a record of the game for future review.  The Referee is arguably the most powerful person on the field; they can suspend play due to injury or due to players breaking the rules.

Length of game.  A Soccer game has two forty five minute periods.  Between the periods is a fifteen minute rest period called halftime.  This format can only be changed by the referees.

There are just a few of the key rules for the number one sport in the world Soccer.  Have fun play some “football” and follow the rules.

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