July 13th, 2020

Protect your feet during a soccer game by wearing good soccer cleats.

Soccer shoes started out as simple sneakers.  The goal of the first Soccer cleats was to provide protection from the elements while also providing protection to the player’s foot against injury.

Over the years very few changes have been made to the first design of the Soccer cleat.  The ironic things are that in most cases when people did modify the cleats they actually performed worse then the original design.

As professional Soccer grew so did the concern for player’s safety and health.  The basic design is a sneaker usually a low top model with small but sharp spikes mounted to the soles of the shoes.  The spikes helped players get traction and pivot rapidly.  As you can imagine three have been some issues with the spikes and injuries.

On occasion a player will fall and get stepped on this has caused more then one bloody accident.  An additional concern about the spikes is for the goalies.  When a player is rushing the net it is difficult for them to slow rapidly.  Over the years we have seen Goalies get kicked in the face or stepped on when diving on the ball.  This potential loss of blood and injury has concerned a number of armature soccer organizations.

One of the largest groups to voice concern is the mothers of the younger players.  Affectionately referred to as “Soccer Moms” this group wields a surprising amount of power.  It is the Soccer Mom who transports the young players from game to game.  These young players are the future of Soccer and the governing bodies recognize this.

Soccer Moms have been responsible for changing the spikes on cleats from metal to hard plastic.  Although the professional still use metal spikes a majority of the community based teams have switched to plastic for the safety of the young players.

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