July 13th, 2020

Innovations of soccer balls throughout the history of soccer.

The first records of a game similar to soccer that used a ball go all the way back to ancient China.  There are also reports of Egyptians using animal bladders filled with straw to play a game very similar to soccer.  The goal was to kick the ball between two post set up at the opposing end of the field.  Leather was eventually added to cover the bladder to help the ball keep a round shape.

In the mid eighteen hundreds Charles Goodyear developed the process to vulcanize rubber.  This was a huge leap forward because it allowed the internal bladder to be constructed of rubber versus and animal bladder.  The animal bladder balls all varied in size and shape somewhat based on the size of the Pig the bladder was taken from.

In the year 1855 Goodyear design the first know soccer ball or football as it was called in those days.  The term football comes from Europe and is still used today when referring to what we call soccer.

The soccer ball has changed very little since the time of Goodyear.  The design was so good there have only been two weight changes over the course of the balls history.  Currently a regulation soccer ball must weigh in between fifteen to sixteen ounces and have a circumference of between twenty seven and twenty eight inches.

Currently you can purchase a soccer ball for as little as ten dollars.  Some of the official regulation balls can cost you up to two hundred dollars each.  As with other ball sports if you can get a player to autograph your ball the value will increase substantially.

Whatever type of soccer ball you purchase, have fun, play hard but fair, and be sure to warm up before the game and stretch.  Because soccer is such an intensely active sport it is also suggested to stretch and cool down after the game.

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