August 8th, 2020

Snug fitting, lightweight, and waterproof snowboard pants.

The snowboarding industry is a multimillion-dollar per year business.  One of the parts of snowboarding that attracts a lot of people is the fashion.  Just like in the ski industry years earlier, snowboarders are looking for colorful color coordinated outfits to wear when zooming down the half pipe.

The skiing community generally considers snowboarders outsiders.  This is partially true because when snow boarders first appeared they used to sneak onto ski slopes and run muck all over the slopes.  Initially there were a number of serious accidents at ski resorts and this also shed a bad light on snowboarding.  In the beginning of snowboarding many major ski resorts actually banned snowboarders.

Because of this outlaw persona snowboarders have come to popularity and the sports itself has grown over two hundred percent in just the last five years.  It seems everyone likes a rebel other then the skiers of course.

As the sport has evolved so has the sponsorship opportunities. In order to make the most use of advertising space snowboarders followed the professional skiers lead and started to put logos on their pants and jackets.

Just as in the past with skiers skiing apparel manufacturers saw an opportunity to promote their products and started sponsoring snowboarding tournaments.  The result was not only an increase in snowboarders but also the start of acceptance by the general skiing community.

The standard snowboard pants are similar to skinning pants in that they need to be snug fitting, lightweight, waterproof and also to go with the persona of a snowboarder very colorful and flashy.

Today the snowboarding clothing industry is a multi million-dollar business and the growth of the sport continues a double-digit growth each year.  Nearly every major ski resort now ahs a whole section of the mountain dedicated to snowboarding.

Have fun and be safe.

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