July 13th, 2020

Shop for only the most reliable snowboard bindings.

We all have seen a snowboarder fly by us on the hill.  Some people, especially skiers, have a great dislike for snowboarders because of their unruly ways.  But how much different is snowboarding then skiing really?

Both sports use much of the same equipment: Just to name a few, gloves, jackets, pants, boots and bindings.  Really the only difference is what each respective person rides on skis or a board.  As snowboarding has grown the skiing community has been forced to at least try to accept the snowboarders.
With nearly every major ski area offering an area to snowboard the change is going to happen sooner or later. A few of the ski areas actually attract more snowboarders then they do skiers.

One of the most important purchases a snowboarder can make is a good set of bindings.

It is important to buy only high quality bindings as they act as one of your connections to the board.  When looking for bindings you should do a couple of key things.

Bring your board to the shop and place the binding on the board.  Then take your boot and put it toe first into the binding.  Then proceed to seat your heel in the heel cup.  Once that is done proceed to connect all straps.  You should have a snug but comfortable fit.  If the bindings are loose go down one size and retry.  It cannot be stressed enough how important a good fitting binding is.

An additional factor to make sure of is to check your binding compatibility.  Pre 1995 bindings vary, if you bought a board after 95 you will not have anything to worry about.  The final factor you should examine with you bindings is the price.  Now is not the time to save a few dollars buy only name brand bindings do not shop from the bargain bin.  As with any other potentially dangerous sport you should have a professional sales person check your bindings for a proper fir.  If you do not you risk serious injury.

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