August 8th, 2020

The key to collecting high value baseball cards.

How many of us have collected baseball cards or know someone who does? I would bet the percentage is very high. What makes collecting baseball cards so fun? It is a great way to meet fellow baseball fans and to build a network of people who like your team. Baseball cards can also in certain circumstances make a very good investment for the future. Baseball cards on the online auction site Ebay have sold for thousands of dollars.

Some of the keys to a high value baseball card are:

Condition. The better condition the card is in, the more it will be worth. Many people actually vacuum seal their cards in order to protect them for the future. Vacuum sealing is highly recommended by the baseball card pros. This method of storage can last for generations if handled properly. If you are planning to start a collection of cards please check into vacuum sealers they only cost about fifty dollars and your great grandchildren with thank you for it.

Rarity. The fewer of the card that was produced the higher the value. Keep an eye out for players you have heard of but haven’t seen any cards for. If you run across a card like this consider purchasing it for your collection.

Demand. The more people who want a baseball card the greater the price will usually be. One tip is to keep a look out for minor leaguers who are going to be “sent up” to the majors. Try to get their rookie cards; it will be a good investment.

Collecting and trading baseball cards can also be a great bonding experience for your children. Try starting out by collecting the cards of your favorite teams players. If you child has a different favorite team collect those cards to. Over the years you will build a large collection of cards. Wouldn’t it be cool if your Grand children’s children keep up the tradition?

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