July 13th, 2020

Use your ski pants to make a fashion statement when you’re on the slopes.

Ski pants started off as nothing more then whatever the skier was wearing.  Skiing was a necessity for many European people.  The main concern of the skier was to stay dry and warm.

Some of the earliest examples of ski pants were made out of animal skins.  The skier would slide the ski pants over their existing pants much in the same manner people do today.

Over the years ski pants developed.  When a person was going to ski they could choose from a lightweight pair of pants if the weather was good or a rubberized pair if the weather was bad.  Ski pants were a functional item and it would stay that way for many years.

As the industrial revolution took place ski pants benefited from the advancements.  One of the most notable advancements was the use of rubber to make the ski pants waterproof.  If you can visualize tight hip waders for fishing that would be a good representation.

As skiing became more popular many women joined the slopes.  The ladies wanted colorful goof fitting ski pants that were both beautiful to look at and also functional.  The necessity to keep warm and dry while skiing has not and will never change.

When the Olympics started to be covered on TV clothing manufacturers saw a great opportunity.  Because the skiers were national heroes the clothing company saw an excellent way to advertise their company and products.

Today when you look at a professional skiers ski pants you will find them covered with sponsors logos.  The ski clothing manufacturers not only made the ski pants more functional and attractive they also turned then into moving billboards.

Today you can buy matching jackets and ski pants, and even matching boots and skis.  Ski pants have turned into just as much a fashion statement as an important piece of skiing equipment.

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