July 13th, 2020

Quality ski equipment that you can’t afford to do without.

Skiing is one of the world’s most popular leisure time activities and sports.  More then one hundred and ten million women, children and men ski every year.

What if you are new to skiing what types of equipment will you need?  Below are a few suggestions.

Gloves.  Keeping your hands warm and dry is imperative if you want to have a safe and fun skiing experience.  Buy gloves that fit snuggly and are waterproof.  There is nothing worse then having frostbitten fingers on you first skiing trip.

Glasses or goggles.  The reflective quality of snow is great.  When you get on the hill there are times it is so bright you can barely see while squinting.  A good pair of sunglasses will help a lot with this problem.  Make sure they are shatter proof and have a UV coating to protect your eyes.

Jacket.  Buy a jacket that is light yet has a high insulation factor.  Some of the better jackets are made have down which is very light, warm and repels water.  Another fabric to consider is Gore-Tex this revolutionary fabric is waterproof and extremely resilient as well as one of the best insulators available.  Whatever type of jacket you choose make one hundred percent sure it is water proof.

Skis and Boots. There are different types of skis, which are of different lengths depending on what type of skiing you will be doing.  For example cross-country skis are longer then Alpine skis.  Whatever skis, boots and bindings you choose make sure you have them fitted properly for you.  The dangers of bad fitting skis include broken ankles and dislocated knees.  Be sure to have a professional fit you.

Whatever types of skiing you choose have fun ski safe and always remember to stretch and warm up before you start to ski.  Have fun and I will see you on the slopes.

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