July 13th, 2020

Find comfortable ski boots at affordable prices.

Thousands of years ago people used skis as a form of transportation.  The ability to stay attached to the ski was very important.  The very first ski boots were not boots at all.  A person would tip their skis up into the air and place their foot in the center of the ski.  Usually the skier would have a friend or spouse tie the ski to their shoe.  By wrapping the ski and the shoe numerous times with leather the ski would stay on over prolonged distances.

Although very primitive this techniques of wrapping the ski lasted for many years.

The next step in the Ski boots evolution came when glues were invented.  The basic idea was to make a comfortable and warm pairs of shoes and glue them directly to the skis. This technique was also used in combination with wrapping the skis.  The combination of the two created a stronger, longer lasting and equally important warmer Ski boot.
One of the main problems with this type of boot is that it lacked flexibility.  Many skiers broke ankles and hurt their knees due to this.

With the advances in metallurgy metal workers were able to fashion shoes or boots to skis permanently without fear of the glue dissolving over many miles of use.  This was a huge step forward but still the ski boots lacked the flexibility needed.

With the invention of vulcanized rubber the ski boot changed.  Now a skier was able to wear their shoe and place them into a plastic pocket mounted to the ski.  This was a great advance because not only did this pocket help keep the skiers feet dray and warm it also provided some flexibility thus reducing injuries.

Today ski boots are made of composite plastics; they are complete with bindings and quick release mechanisms.  Ski boots can cost you from sixty to over one thousand dollars depending on the manufacturer.

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