July 13th, 2020

NFL football history, regulations, and related information.

The National Football League was first officially formed in 1922 as an offshoot of the former American Football Association.

There were a number of problems with the early National Football League.  Initially a fan could not tell the difference between the NFL and College play.  There was no attempt by the coaches to vary the rules or playbook to form a unique and entertaining form of football.  Basically the professional coaches didn’t have the time or resources to create a new rulebook.  This would change in the near future.  Pay was also a major issue for the new NFL players.  Most players had other jobs and considered football as a way to supplement their income.  This also translated into reduce practice time. Most coaches had to schedule practices based on when the players were not working at their other jobs.

Popularity for football did not increase until the mid 1930’s when the National Football League had their first player draft.
As a result of the draft more and more high quality college players were going to the NFL, this in turn helped build a fan base for the fledgling NFL.

In the early days of the NFL players played both offense and defense, they were know as iron men or iron players.  This was to change when the NFL adopted the substitution rule from college football.  This allowed for players to come on and off the field as long as the ball was not in play.

The substitution rule also allowed for more specialized players to join the NFL.  The coaches could now replace a player with another when running specific plays.  A good example could be replacing a tight end with a wide receiver when the coach wants to run a deep passing play.

The National Football League has grown to be a multi billion dollar per year business.  Choose a team and join in on the fun, there is nothing like getting together with a group of people for Monday Night Football.  Go Bills!

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