July 13th, 2020

Enjoy the intense atmosphere of a live NCAA basketball game.

The NCAA basketball program started in the 1940’s the first Championship contest or the Big Dance as it is called today only had eight teams. This number has increased over the years till today when there are over sixty teams in the tournament today.

The intensity and atmosphere of a live NCAA basketball event cannot be compared to other sporting events. Because the seating is very close for a basketball game people get deep into the play. A recent event in both college and professional basketball has made safety for the fans and players a national discussion.

The dream of playing in the Big Dance is one every young aspiring basketball players have. Many of the major players of today and the past have gotten to the final four and some took the tournament. Just to name a few people that played in the Big Dance: Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson.

For many players NCAA basketball is the only way they are able to go to college. Over the last twenty years the scholarships provided through the NCAA has doubled. The monitoring of recruiting has increased greatly due to violations of recruitment guidelines. In addition there has been concern over preferential treatment being given to student athletes by professors. The tale of the college graduate who cannot read bears witness to the possibility of this actually happening.

The revenues from NCAA basketball are in the hundreds of millions per year. As long as this level of money is involved people will try shortcuts.

A majority of the players are there because they love the game and are glad to be on a scholarship. In all sports there will be some controversy do not let that stop you from supporting your favorite team and players. Get out there and get those season tickets, you will be helping the school, and the student players and best of all a live NCAA basketball game is a blast.

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