July 13th, 2020

Discover the rich history of mountain biking.

The history of mountain biking started back in 1974.  A group of riders from California formed a club called the Morrow Dirt Club.  This club used beat up old bikes initially and were focused on riding down hills as fast as possible.  After a few members got injured the founder of the club Russ Mahon decided to improve the bikes.

Russ and his club designed bikes based on ten speeds.  The bikes a hand finger operated shifter mounted on the handlebars and better braking for both the front and rear tires.

As interest for mountain biking grew more and more clubs were formed.  These clubs held events where all of the riders go together to test their skills.  It was at one of these events that Gary Fisher noticed the newly modified bikes the Morrow team was using.

Gary along with two of his club mates decided they could build a better bike.  The guys pieced together the best parts they could get their hands on and proceeded to test their new creation.  As it turns out they had created the first documented Mountain bike.

Mr. Fisher proceeded to host along with his club mates the first Mountain bike race.  The race called the Repack race was held on an old fire trail in California.  The race was a huge success even tough only one person didn’t crash.  Fisher was excited by the turn out so he decided to hold another eight weeks worth of races.  Each week more and more riders showed up.  The Repack races are credited with establishing the first base of Mountain bike riders.  The riding bug had bit them and there was no turning back.

Over the next few years the popularity of mountain biking skyrocketed.  Ten different Mountain bike companies started up in the first five years alone.  Today Mountain biking is a multi million-dollar industry and there are over one hundred different manufactures of mountain bikes.

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