July 13th, 2020

Get the most out of your game with high quality lacrosse sticks.

Do you want to get in shape?  Do you enjoy a rough and physically challenging game?  If so you should try playing Lacrosse.  Lacrosse has been around for hundreds of years.  The initial credit for inventing Lacrosse goes the American Indians.  The French named the game after seeing the Indians play.  In its most basic form the term Lacrosse means a game played with a ball and a stick.

When playing Lacrosse you need to purchase equipment specific to the game.  Some examples of Lacrosse equipment are mouth guard, gloves, rib pads and shoulder padding.  A majority of the equipment is used to protect the players from the ball and other player’s sticks.  A seasoned player can throw the ball at over one hundred miles per hour so this equipment can literally mean the difference between a minor injury and death.

The most well know piece of Lacrosse equipment is the stick.  How is the Lacrosse stick made, how much do they cost and what is the difference between the different kinds of sticks?

There are two major components of a lacrosse stick.

The Handle.  Handles vary based on users preferences.  Some handles are skinny for a better feel while some are thicker and used more in a defensive manner.  Your handle selection also depends on what position you play.  A defensive player would want a thicker heavier metal handle, where as a offensive player wants his stick to be as light as possible.  Handles can be made out of wood, metal or a mixture of the two.  Some of the professional players handles are even made out or titanium alloys.  Your handle length can vary also.  It is best to have a stick fitted for your body size this will assure ease of use and help with proper throwing technique.

The Pocket.  This is the area that actually cradles the ball.  Pockets are usually made out of nylon laces.

Get out grab a lacrosse stick and have some fun.

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