July 13th, 2020

Sticks, helmets, gloves, and other important lacrosse equipment.

Records indicate that Native American Indians first played Lacrosse.  Records show that as far back as the 1630’s French missionaries report the game being played by the Huron Indians.

The term Lacrosse comes from the French phrase to describe any game, which is played with a ball and stick.  French settlers saw the Indians playing the game and the name stuck.

There are different types of equipment used in Lacrosse the following are a few:

The Stick.  The lacrosse stick consists of three parts. The handle, pocket and shooting strings.  The type of stick you purchase will depend on personal preference and the position you will play.  Most offensive players prefer a lighter stick because it is more maneuverable.  Defensive players usually prefer a heavier stick for checking and other defensive work.

Helmet.  The helmet is used for safety purposes.  A Lacrosse ball thrown by an experienced player can reach speeds of over
one hundred miles per hour.  When purchasing a helmet look for high quality and a good fit, your life might depend on it.

Gloves.  The gloves are used to protect the hands from the ball and checking by defensemen.  When purchasing gloves look for a good fit that allows full range of motion from your hands.

Mouth guard The Mouth guard is used to protect the teeth in case of impact.  Many a players front teeth have been saved through the use of a mouth guard.  This is a must have piece of safety equipment.  Current amateur and collegiate regulations require their usage.

Shoulder and rib padding.  Due to the rough and rapid nature of Lacrosse additional padding is recommended.  The use of shoulder pads and rib pads are common and in some cases required.  When buying shoulder and rib pads look for a snug fit but not overly tight.  The key is to be protected yet still has freedom of movement.

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