July 13th, 2020

Historical information on the popular sport of ice hockey.

There is much debate about where Ice hockey was first invented and played.  It is generally agreed that this happened in Canada but the exact province is up for debate.  If you live in Montreal you insist it started there.  The same go for the other of provinces each want to claim fame to being the birthplace of Ice Hockey.

What is known for one hundred percent sure is that in 1877 the first Ice Hockey Rules were published in the Montreal Gazette.  These rules were the foundation for modern Ice Hockey, as we know it.

Over the next twenty years Canadian hockey continued grow while interest in Ice hockey started in the I=United States.

One of the most significant events to happen in Ice Hockey was the formation of the National Hockey League.
In 1917 the National Hockey League was formed with teams from both the United States and Canada.  Over the next twenty years the Canadians continued to dominate the sports.  It was not until 1924 when the Boston Bruins finally defeated the Canadian team the Montreal Maroons did hockey in the United Stated start to become really popular.

As the Ice Hockey industry grew so did the concern for player safety.  In late 1956 the first Players association was started.  Unfortunately the owners did not favor this because they wanted a monopoly and to control the players and future of professional Hockey.

Over the following twenty years the Russians became increasingly involved with Ice Hockey winning many championships and also some Olympic medals.  It was looking as if the Canadians and the Russians would dominate the hockey world.  That would all change with the 1980 Olympics, when the “Dream Team” won the Olympic Gold medal by defeating the highly favored Russian team.

Since those Olympics the popularity of hockey has continued to grow, and there seems not let up in the growth.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of going to a live hockey games do so you will have a great time.  Who knows you might just get the hockey bug.

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