August 8th, 2020

Wood and metal baseball in a variety of shapes and sizes.

When the game of baseball was in its infancy baseball bats came in all shapes and sizes. Flat, square and round to mention a few. After much experimentation the round design was chosen, as it was the most efficient design. It was not until 1859 that the first rule concerning size was developed. The first regulation was that the baseball bat could be a maximum of two and half inches wide. The length was standardized ten years later to the current length of forty-two inches long.

The first major production baseball bat was the famous Louisville Slugger. The slugger was designed by a seventeen year old named John Hillerich. John was a wood worker at the local mill and saw one of his favorite teams player break a bat.
John took the player to the mill and using a piece of white ash created the first Louisville Slugger.

The baseball player thanked John for the bat and proceeded to hit three for three the following day. It was not long before the Hillerich family was in the business of producing baseball bats for the baseball teams and general public.

The baseball bat remain unchanged until the 1890’s at this point the diameter of the handle was increased to two and three quarter inches and it was ruled that all bats must have a round end.

The next major evolution of the baseball bat came in 1924 when a gentleman named Bill Shroyer was issued a patent for the first metal bat. Interestingly the metal bat never took hold with the professional baseball community. One of the primary reasons was safety. We can only imagine the damage a metal bat could cause in the hands of an angry professional baseball player.

The metal bat has become a favorite of the novice player with models being designed out of aluminum and even titanium alloys. People enjoy the metal baseball bats because of there strength and lightweight. What ever your bat choice get there and have some fun, remember you can’t hit a homerun without swinging at the ball.

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