July 13th, 2020

The fascinating history of soccer.

It is difficult to determine when soccer was first played.  We do know that there are examples of games very similar to soccer in history books about early China and Japan.  Usually the games were very brutal with a town playing against another rival town.

In the earliest games hundreds of people played.  The object of the game was to kick the ball from one village to an appointed spot in the next.  The games were bloody as kicking, gouging and biting were allowed.

The games got so bad that the King Edward of England outlawed the playing of football or soccer in 1331.  The king of Scotland followed suite and outlawed soccer in1442.

Over the next four hundred years people continued to play soccer and also Rugby even though both games were outlawed.  The people just loved the game to much to listen.

It was not until 1815 that a standardized set of rules was developed by the English at Eton College.  This set of rules would be the guideline for soccer rules today.  It was also shortly after this time that Rugby and Soccer officially split and became separate games with different rules.

The Rugby players thought the Soccer players were soft because they did not allow chin kicks and tripping.  The soccer players felt Rugby was a game for the lower class.  In order to establish a permanent separation of the games the soccer teams created a rule that you could not pick the ball up.  This rule change caused a lot of bad feelings between the Soccer and Rugby players but assured that the games would remain separate forever.

Soccer is currently the number one sport in the world.  Many South American countries have accepted soccer as their countries national sport.  Wherever you go in the world you will see soccer on the television as well as children in the street playing.

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