July 13th, 2020

Learn all about the history of basketball.

Dr. Naismith first invented basketball in 1891.  While teaching at Springfield College the professor was asked to design a game, which could be played indoors during the other sports of seasons. One of the interesting facts about basketball was that it was first played with a soccer ball.  The baskets were made from used peach baskets and the goal was to get the ball into the basket.  It has been argued that the American Indian first invented this game but Naismith does get the credit in the history books.

Naismith was the driving force in the early days of basketball.  He brought the game to people particularly by teaching basketball at local YMCA’s.  People started to like playing the game, which led to colleges forming teams of their own.
Cornell and Harvard were among the first schools to form teams for competition. These Ivy League colleges brought credibility to the new game and soon many more colleges formed teams to compete with them.

As greater numbers of colleges formed basketball programs there grew a need for a governing body.  This governing body would be called the National College Athletic Association.  The NCAA has been a huge force in promoting college basketball, they are especially well know for their season ending tournament called the Big Dance.  This is where the college players can showcase their talents for the NBA scouts.

The National Basketball Association is the organization, which governs professional basketball.  The NBA is a billion dollar a year industry with revenue from, commercials, product endorsements, broadcasting rights.  The lifetime dream of becoming a NBA basketball player lives in many young children both male and female.  The Women’s Basketball Association controls and regulates the professional play of women’s basketball.  Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports and continues to grow.  If you haven’t yet tried a live game, you wont be disappointed.

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