July 13th, 2020

A good pair of golf shoes is something no golfer can do without.

One of the most important parts of golfers equipment is a good pair of golf shoes.  Golf shoes are usually made of leather or canvass.  The sole of the shoes is covered with spikes.  The spikes are used so the golfer and get good traction on the turf of the course.

Due to the way a golfer swings their club it is important to be able to use your legs in the follow through of the swing.
You can imagine how difficult it would be to drive a golf ball two hundred plus yards with no traction.

A good pair of golf shoes should fit like a pair of walking shoes.  They should be comfortable and not too tight.  Remember eighteen holes is a long day make sure your shoes fit properly so you do not get blisters.

A good idea is to break in your golf shoes before using them.  One popular technique is to insert a shoetree into the new shoes.  It is usually advisable to set the shoes tree one size bigger then the shoe size.  This will allow the shoetree to stretch the leather or fabric so it does not rub your feet raw during the first few days of use.

Prices for golf shoes range fro thirty dollars to four hundred per pair.  If you are a beginning golfer get a lower priced pair of shoes and spend the rest of your money on practice rounds.  Any great golfer will tell you time on the course and repetition are the keys to a great game.   Get yourself some good equipment but start our slowly golf can be a tiring and physically demanding sport.

You will do a lot of walking especially if you don’t rent a golf cart.  Be sure warm up and have foot powder and a clean pair of socks to put on after your game.  Have fun and shoot for that hole in one.

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