July 13th, 2020

Great places to receive golf instruction.

So the golf bug has bitten you and you want to lower you handicap.  What options do you have for training and instruction?

Golf camps.  This form of training is growing in popularity year by year.  Golf camps usually provide you with lodging, transportation and instruction.  A number of the old time gold pros have started their own camps.  This is a great opportunity to meet some of the legends of golf.  Be prepared to pay a steep price for this privilege.  Fees range from one thousand to fifteen thousand dollars.  There are even golf camps you can take your spouse to.  Or perhaps buy them a week long Golf camp package and have some quality alone time for yourself..

Golf clinics.  Golf clinics are usually held on one day at the local golf course.  Clinics are a great way to maximize your instruction dollars.  Usually the clinic will be held by the local golf professional.  Make sure you check with your local golf course to see if joining the club will get you any free lessons or tee time.

One on one instruction.  This is an excellent option for the beginning golfer.  Unlike clinics or camps the lessons will be one to one.  This allows for in-depth questions and analysis of key things such as your stance, swing and putting.  One innovative way to find an instructor in your area is by using the Internet.  Do a search for golf instructors and professionals.  Include your zip code in your search and you will get a list of the local golf teachers in your area.

A new golf instructor is likely to give you a much better rate so search for them first.  Ask for references from the local golf courses that way you can verify their playing abilities.

The key thing is to have fun and keep practicing.

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