July 13th, 2020

Essential golf equipment for every golfer.

To start off as a Golfer it is important to have the right equipment.  So of the key equipment to purchase is the following:

Golf Clubs.  Price can vary greatly but it is recommended you purchase at least the following clubs to start.
Driver.  This club is used to drive the ball down the fairway.  Also know as Woods these are usually you heaviest club.  There is an old golf saying, “If you can drive you can survive”.  Because the driver can hit the golf ball the longest distance it is important to practice your drive as much as possible.

Wedges.  The wedge is used to hit the ball shorter distances then a driver.  Usually the wedge will be used on the fairways.

Putter.  This clubs is used once you get on the green.  Putting is one of the most important parts of the golf game.  Many a player has lost a game with a bad put of two.

Golf clothing: The variety of clothing available for the golfer is nearly endless.  Usually a loose fitting shirt and pair of shorts work best.  Have fun with your clothing selection; golf courses have loosened their dress code so even the most relaxed golfer can enjoy their game.

Golf shoes.  Golf shoes are important because they allow you to dig into the turf.  This is important because if you have a good grip with you feet you can use all of you body when hitting the ball.  Golf shoes usually have spikes on the bottom of them to assist with your traction.

Golf cart.  Carts are used to carry the players from shot to shot.  Old school Golf players laugh at using a Cart, however they are becoming more popular anyways.  If you choose not to use a cart not only will you save some money but carrying those clubs is a good workout.

Enjoy your Golf game and practice, those swings.

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