July 13th, 2020

Different kinds of golf clubs for all your golfing needs.

So you gotten the golf bug and now you need to buy a set of golf clubs.  What types of clubs are there?

The first type of club is called a Driver or Wood.  Wood clubs consist of a driver, which is used to hit the ball long distances. The woods are used to drive the ball and can also include a fairway driver for shorter distances.  Then clubs are no longer made of wood but rather metal.  The term wood has just stuck over the years.

The second type of club is called an Iron.  A set of Irons usually consists of eight different clubs.  Each of these clubs has a different head angle on then.  As you go up in irons the amount of loft on the ball increases.  For example if you have fifty yards shot you would use a four iron versus a three iron.  A key point to remember is that there is no magic distance assigned to each club.  Practice using each club and judging the distance the ball goes using a correct swing.  This will help you club selection and overall golf game greatly.

The Sand wedge.  This club is used to hit shots from the sand traps.  The goal is to get under the ball thereby pushing the ball out of the pit.  Expect to get some sand spay if you are swinging and connecting properly.

The Putter.  Many people use the term you “Put to win” Putters can vary by length and there are some very unique designs on the market.

A good golfer knows how to select his clubs based on the distance they need to get to the green.  Some of your most valuable lessons can be learned on the driving and putting ranges.  It is suggested to try to focus on four or five clubs when you first start playing.  In this manner you can keep your startup cost low and still afford to play regularly.

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