July 13th, 2020

Find used golf carts for cheap.

Lets all be honest don’t you like driving a golf cart while playing golf?  Who can forget that time your playing partner tipped your Cart over.

Golf Carts can range in price from five hundred dollars for a used cart to thousands of dollars for a custom designed cart.

One of the unique features about golf carts is that most of them are electric powered.  It is also agreed that the Golf Cart has contributed to the development of alternative energy engines.  When golf courses are designed there is a great deal of importance taken to preserve the natural environment.  By having environmentally friendly carts the owners of the golf course does not have to worry about the impact from a gas engine.

When looking for a cart you should consider the following factors:

Price.  Are you only going to use the Golf cart five or six times a year?  If so consider purchasing a used cart.  Your spouse will have a field day if you buy a new five thousand dollar Golf cart and never use it.

Engine size and power.  If you plan on using your cart often purchase a larger engine.  Usually a twenty horsepower or above engine will last many years.  Be sure to maintain your Golf cart and keep it stored in a shed or your garage to avoid damage from the elements.  When in doubt got with a larger engine, the added horsepower will increase the life span of the cart.

When purchasing a used Cart make sure you have a qualified mechanic check it out first.  If you decide to go all in and buy a new Golf Cart make sure it has a warranty.  You can expect to pay more then two thousand dollars for a new Cart so make sure you take your time and comparison-shop.

Last thing do not exceed the golf course speed limit. You are likely to hurt yourself or be banned from the Golf Course, or worse both.

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