July 13th, 2020

Discover the many types of golf balls available.

The golf ball has been around since the 1550’s.  The first players were from Scotland. Back then golf balls were made of wood.  It was not until sixty years latter that the golf ball was upgraded slightly.  The feather golf ball was introduced in the early 1600’s The ball was made of goose feathers, surrounded by a leather round cover.  There were not exacting quality standards at the time so the balls would vary depending on which craftsman made it.

Additionally the feathered golf balls were very expensive in some cases they were even more then a club would cost.  This high cost limited golf the rich and privileged few.

The next major evolution in the golf ball came in the mid 1800’s.  A Reverend named Patterson designed the first rubber golf ball called the Gutta.  Heating the rubber like sap of the Gutta tree formed the Gutta golf ball.  This substance was forced into a ball shaped mold then heated to create uniformity.

The next big leap forward came in the early 1900’s when a gentman named Haskell developed a solid rubber core ball.  This rubber core was then wrapped by thread and incased in a hard plastic shell.  Over the next seventy years patterns on the outside of the ball were experimented with and tried.  The use of dimples on the shell of the ball both increased distance and stability of flight.

The golf ball remained unchanged until the early 1970’s when the Spaulding Company created the first two-piece golf ball.  This allowed for cheaper production and in turn helped fuel the growth of the game golf.

If you have any old golf balls make sure you check them out closely before you throw them out.  Antique golf ball collection is becoming a large and popular hobby.  Be sure to have your local golf pro check them out, recently an antique golf ball sold for over five hundred dollars on a large Internet auction site.

Have fun and hit them far and straight.

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