July 13th, 2020

Find the cheapest football tickets online.

So each week you and the gang all get together to watch Monday Night Football at the local watering hole.  This is a time-honored tradition but what about taking your football experience to the next level?  Why not get the gang together and go see a live game.  There are many companies who set up football excursions and trips.  Usually the company will provide you with transportation via bus, train or limousine.

When purchasing your ticket or football trip make sure you have late cancel insurance just incase something comes up and you cannot attend the game.  Late cancel insurance is usually an additional ten percent on top of the trip or ticket price.  On two occasions I had to cancel a football trip and I got back one hundred percent of my money.  The trip companies are usually a bit more cooperative if this happens.

Be prepared to pay a premium for any seats located near the fifty yard line this includes regular seats and of course a skybox will cost you.  When looking to buy football tickets try to buy them in groups this should help reduce your cost per ticket.

If you can afford it one very fun thing to do is get a group of friends and take a limousine to the game.  Many limousine companies offer sports packages, and it is a blast.  The benefits of buying a sports trip versus just a ticket are numerous. The first is you do not have to worry about driving or finding parking.  The second is you can eat and drink on your way to the game; this helps keep your overall bill for the day down.  With a hotdog and a drink costing over ten dollars (at least) make sure you at least snack before you go into the game.

Whatever you choice get out there and get some football tickets and enjoy a live game.

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