July 13th, 2020

Get a good workout doing cross-country skiing.

Cross country skiing started out as means of transportation not a sport.  There is even evidence ancient man created sleds and long shoes to help them navigate over the snow.  One of the earliest examples of cross-country skis are from Sweden and are over four thousand years old.  Although these ancient skis were shorter the cross-country skis is accepted that they were used to travel over long distances on the snow.

The country of Norway is credited with popularizing Cross-country skinning.  Specifically the city of Telemark.  The people of Norway needed a way to travel long distances over the snow while still being able to conserve energy.  The idea of snowshoes was first introduced but traveling using a snowshoe was slow and tiring.

Because of the mountainous terrain of Norway people put their snowshoes down and developed long skis capable of gliding over the snow.  It is estimated a person on skis can cover close to three times the distance in the same amount of time as a person using snowshoes.

The first organized cross-country race on record occurred in the early 1800’s in Norway.  The terrain was mountainous but not as steep as some of the other European countries.  Because of this there was argument of what style of skis and what form of skiing was the best.  Over the years out of cross-country skiing came Alpine skiing.

Alpine skiing is based on shorter skis then Cross-country skiing.  The need for quicker turns and stopping in the steep mountains of the surrounding countries caused the rise of Alpine skinning.

Weather you enjoy cross-country skiing or Alpine skiing you are in good company.  Over one hundred million men, women and children ski world wide each year.  In summary if you want to go fast choose Alpine if you want to go a bit slower and enjoy the beauty of nature and still get a good workout try Cross-country skiing.

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